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Century Manufacturing

The name "Standard" really doesn't explain how each of our individually hand-crafted Lucite embedments offer a wide range of shapes and sizes from the simple and economical rectangle to the elegant custom 3-d shape. Our in-house embedment process options, including clear screen printed acetates, brass plates and printed cards provide attractive options to display your customer's message.

Century is proud to introduce our new innovative product line, The Acrylic Line. The goal of this line is to provide conomical choices in support of our established Lucite Embedment product line. This line explores the many options of imprinting directly on pre-cast acrylic which include screen printing, lasering and process printing. Innovative shaping, bending and laser cutting provides a new look for you acrylic award and gift needs.

Century's tap marker division is a world leader in the manufacture of Lucite, wood and resin tap handles. With complete in-house art, sculpting and manufacturing facilities all based in the USA, we can handle your project from start to finish. 
While we cannot sell tap handles manufactured for breweries to individuals, our beer tap sales staff would be happy to help the small micro-brewery to the largest brewers produce an iconic handle to help bring customer's to your brand.

To provide a high-impact long lasting visual message, the choice of acrylic awards and embedments is clearly unique. There is almost an unlimited variety of sizes and shapes to choose from. Combined with the design flexibility there are a multitude of methods to incorporate your message either embedded inside of the piece or imprinted on its surface. Check out our different processes we can do to put your own personal touch to your award.