FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions 

The most commonly asked questions.

1. Do you buy gold plated, rolled, or filled?

Answer - No

2. What if it's damaged?

Answer - No

3. How do I know if it's real? ( jewelry ) 

Answer - The best way is to use a strong magnet; if it sticks it is not gold. Gold is a non ferrous metal and is non magnetic. After that you need to look for the karat value. They are 10kt (41.7% pure), 14kt (58.6% pure), 18kt (75% pure), and 22kt (90% pure). It is very rare for jewelry to be 24kt (100% pure). If the mark is not visible you'll have bring it in to the showroom and we will do a streak test ( we rub a small bit on a stone and use nitric acid to test for content).

4. Is 12kt worth anything? 

Answer - No 12kt is plated or filled costume jewelry.

5. How do I determine the purity of a coin? 

Answer - If it's not stamped on the coin you can bring it in to the shop, we have a large collection of books to help us identify coins.

6. Do you buy sterling silver, silverware, flatware, and jewelry?

Answer - Yes 

7. Do you buy gold flatware? 

Answer - Typically, gold silverware and flatware is gold-plated and we would have to test. But if in the event that your pieces contained higher gold content, we would buy it for scrap gold content.

8. Do you sell gold? 

Answer - Yes. When in stock we sell collectable US and foreign gold coins, and gold bullion coins and bars. But we do not sell any gold jewelry

9. Do you offer investment advice? 

Answer - No. But we do offer charts and educational information that will help you make an informed decision regarding investments in gold, silver, platinum, or collectible rare coins and currency.

One thing we always tell people is that the market is ever changing. The prices we quote, for buying or selling, can fluctuate up or down in a matter of minutes. What you have to decide is when to sell or buy.

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