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Gold does not move up or down in terms of real value - the price of paper (fiat) currency is what changes. One ounce of gold during the Great Depression of the 1930s would buy a very nice man's suit. The same is true today - one ounce of gold will sill buy a very nice man's suit. Our paper money is what changes in value and is rapidly becoming more worthless every day, through inflation. A way to keep up with inflation is to have some of your assets in gold and silver. Put your money in real money.

Charles Goyette, author of the book, The Dollar Meltdown: Surviving the Impending Currency Crisis with Gold, Oil, and Other Unconventional Investments, suggests converting some of your dollars into tangible assets (such as gold and silver) it will help offset a loss in value of your currency regardless of what happens geopolitically or on Wall Street. He is not alone in the belief that America is headed toward high inflation and devaluation of the dollar, and has some good advice on where to buy gold and silver, for physical possession

Gold and silver investments are valuable because they function as 'wealth insurance' for the protection of your investment portfolio. Paper currencies, throughout history, have always been unsustainable. Precious metals in the form of gold coins or gold and silver bullion, are better 'protected' assets in that nobody but the marketplace impacts their value during times of inflation, hyper-inflation, or even deflationary periods. Yes, gold can go down during periods of deflation or depression, but the value of paper currencies is likley drop even more.

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